Bangladesh Inland Water Transport Authority

Bangladesh has about 24,000 km. of rivers, streams and canals that together cover about 7% of the country’s surface. Most part of the country is linked by a complex network of waterways which reaches its extensive size in the monsoon period. Out of 24,000 km. of rivers, streams and canals only about 5,968 km. is navigable by mechanized vessels during monsoon period which shrinks to about 3,865km. During dry period the IWT sector carries over 50% of all arterial freight traffic and one quarter of all passenger traffic.

The previous Deutz engines in their vessels are mostly Deutz, which is now known as MWM.

Biman Airlines

pel-team-in-biman-gse-hangers-after-workBiman Bangladesh Airlines, popularly known as Biman, is the national airlines of Bangladesh. A member of IATA, it flies passengers and cargo to 18 international destinations in Asia and Europe. Biman is reputed for its well-trained and dedicated crew with appreciable safety record.

Ground Support Equipment’s (GSE) of BIMAN AIRLINES are equipped with Deutz engines. All warranty matters of the Deutz engines are handled by Primordial Energy Ltd.

Bangladesh Railway

Bangladesh Railway, a principle transportation agency of the country, is a Government owned and Government managed organization. It covers a length of 2,855 route kilometers employing a total of 34,168 regular employees.

PEL has installed Deutz engines in the power cars of Bangladesh Railway. Bangladesh Railway always procures their material through tender.

Power backup to Dhaka WASA water pumps in Dhaka city

wasa-picPEL successfully completed a project of supply delivery & commissioning of 200nos 250KVA heavy duty Diesel generators with DUETZ engine to all the 10 Dhaka WASA zones of Dhaka city. The total generating capacity under the scope of this project is 40 MW. The project was not limited to supply & commissioning. PEL is fully responsible 24/7 operation of those generating sets for two years. This project ensures the citizens of Dhaka city for any unwanted water crisis due to power interruption. Recently the project has been renewed for another 2 years for commissioning and maintenance of all the generators of Dhaka WASA.

50MW Rental Power Plant

DPA Power Generation International Limited is engaged in rental power business in Bangladesh and establishing a 50 MW Rental Power Plant Project at Pagla, Narayangonj. DPA Power Generation Int. Ltd. is a Joint Venture Company formed by Primordial Energy Ltd., Bangladesh Diesel Plant Ltd., and Aggretech AG, Germany. The power plant is fully operational now. PEL is doing operation and maintenance of the power plant along with VPower Group.

The DPA Power Plant is equipped with state of the art equipment from Germany. The generating units are driven by best quality MTU HSD engines. The plant was designed to conform with the quick rental program of BPDB, and supplies the power generated to the 33KV Shyampur Grid of BPDB. The plant was set up and made operational with a record time of less than 4 months. This plant is one of the most efficient power plants under the quick rental scheme in Bangladesh.

Salient Features of the Project:

Instead of having small number of high capacity generator sets the project has more number of lower capacity sets. The total output will remain same, i.e. 50 MW. This technique has certain advantages like speedy implementation and quick response to power demand.